Grow Your VFX Studio Or Compositing Career

We Help you in 5 Ways

  • Let’s build you a portfolio like
  • Collaborate with Lendon & members to build high-end shots that go on everyone’s reel
  • 100+ Professional Hollywood VFX Plates to upgrade your demoreel
  • Work with Lendon via screenshare to produce killer shots
  • 50 demoreel references for inspiration (of different studio levels)

We’ll help you systematically land big clients like these (also farm out work to you via 

We send clients to you

Lendon will give you referrals to majorly boost your credibility

Step by step procedure doc & CRM software to EFFICIENTLY find & email network with key contacts for key each type of client project:

  • Film Studios, Streaming Services, TV Networks
  • Overflow work from big VFX Studios
  • TVC Spots
  • Gaming Cinematics
  • Small Feature Films, Documentaries & Indie
  • Music Videos
  • Business Commercials

We use CRM automation & email templates to assemble a powerful sales email sequence that is easily tweaked for each client

  • Live sessions with Lendon or mastermind members (learn any VFX skill)
  • While working on real-world client projects, Lendon & community screencapture super short mini-tutorials DAILY
  • Concise Nuke course (Tracking, Roto, Paint, Keying, 3D, etc) Especially made for transitioning After Effects artists
  • Advanced After Effects Course (memorize tons of shortcuts, top 50 effects, tackling advanced shots, etc)
  • Learn 3D on live sessions with Lendon & from other members in the community
  • Staying up-to-date with AI & latest tech

Recruiting Quality Talent (Done for you, Templates, Procedure Doc & Training)

Effective HR Roster & Interviews (Software, Training)

Team Training (Bite-sized Tutorial from Lendon, How to make your own training, free LMS software)

Reducing Payroll Expense & Tracking Productivity (Software, Training)

Artist Availability, Retention, Benefits & Culture (Software & Training)

Security dangers & access control

Team communication & meetings

Production Pipeline:

  • Automation scripts for Nuke, After Effects, & 3D apps
  • ProductionFlow or SG setup
    (Video annotated revisions, Tracking Shot Status, Assignee, Tasks, Assets)
  • Quality control automation & procedures
  • Identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Auto folder structures & naming convention
  • Integrating compositing & 3d department

Client Management:

  • Accurate deadline & capacity estimations for client
  • Coordinator protocols
  • Bidding projects & market pricing standards
  • Frequent client relationship problems
  • Invoicing, profit margins & taxes

Assets & Equipment:

  • Render Farm
  • Optimizing workstations
  • Shared local network drive
  • Asset, template, gizmo libraries
  • Equipment techstack
  • Cheapest office solutions to meet with clients & review on big screen
  • Dashboard to monitor resource usage

Simple tool to run VFX studio operations

VFX Pipeline


Auto-sync renders
Draw on renders to give revisions

Tracking & Deadline

Arrange tasks & milestones on calendar
Artist assignments
Shot status
Progress report

Profit Margin Control

Calculate payroll expense for each project & artist
Calculate profit margins & remaining budget timeline
Measure of productivity to find payroll waste


Roster of all freelancers with image & info
Record interview & assign skill levels
Call them directly from Production Flow

Sales Pipeline

Track Leads

Contact list of all clients & prospects (tag & organize)
Notes, pipeline stage & communication history
Call, email or text directly inside Production Flow
Gmail integration

Bulk email / SMS

Use tags like %FIRSTNAME%
Segment & exclude contacts

Chat GPT Draft Emails

Automated email drafts to increase follow-up efficiency
Email templates
Email sequence from our customized email templates


Schedule and track outreach/followup volume
Don't forget to followup with a client

What Members are saying

"I would have paid more for everything I've gotten from this mastermind."
Anthony Morrow
Studio Owner
"Lendon helped get high-budget virtual production work for Nordic Track. He has a good reach of clients."
Mark Lavania
Virtual Production
"Lendon is the best compositor I have ever met."
Leo Marini
Studio Owner
"Investing in Lendon's courses was a no brainer."
"I couldn't have found this information anywhere else."
Studio owner


Artist Income Accelerator

  • Get hired as a Nuke Compositor or produce Motion Design commercials (often freelance)
  • Quickstart Courses for Nuke, After Effects, A.I Tools, Demoreel, and Marketing your talent
  • Community feedback on your work
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Daily updates about new A.I tools related to the VFX Industry
  • Project files + footage for demoreel

$99 / month (comes FREE with VFX Studio Mastermind)

Cancel anytime

VFX Studio Mastermind

  • Get big clients studio clients
  • Many resources to grow 5 pillars of remote VFX studio
    (Portfolio, Clientele, VFX skills, Team & HR, Pipeline & Assets)
  • VFX Project & Sales Pipeline Software
  • Up to 3 weekly 1:1 breakthrough meetings with Lendon
  • More Demoreel Footage, Work on team demoreel shots with Lendon & Students, Use Lendon’s portfolio as your own

See more benefits >>

$699 / month, then reduces to $99 / month after 3 months

Cancel anytime

FREE Breakthrough meeting

You will receive a document outlining steps to optimize many aspects of your business.

  • What does it take to grow a studio to $200k+ revenue or $1M? (I only have second hand experience of the latter)
  • Will AI benefit or hurt my studio or startup?
  • After Effects or Nuke for my compositing pipeline?
  • How rare are $100k+ budget projects? Is there too much competition? How to find them?
  • What marketing channel is best for client acquisition? 
  • Why the VFX studios are evolving toward remote teams & AI

What is a mastermind?

How we grow: Portfolio, Clientele, VFX Skills, Team, Pipeline

Work sessions with Lendon

  • Extreme productivity = revenue
  • Avoid making costly mistakes & wasting time/money going in sub-optimal direction
  • Get Lendon’s polish on everything
  • Learn VFX & 3D skills via 1:1 meetings
  • Many other things mentioned in 5 pillars like referrals from Lendon, plethora of studio resources, etc

Software & Assets

  • Group share VFX software & elements (save serious money, discover new tools)
  • VFX Asset Goldmine 
  • High-end Hollywood VFX plates for next-level demoreel
    150% efficiency in VFX pipeline (Shotgrid alternative)
    400% efficiency boost of sales pipeline
  • UberVFX Clientele Platform
  • Much more

Procedures & Training

  • Workflow docs & videos for sales, service delivery, pipeline, team, admin
  • Constant feed of bite-size tutorials to improve your studio, VFX skills & keep up with new AI tools 
  • Advanced After Effects course 
  • Concise Nuke course Nuke course made for transitioning After Effects users


  • Seeing your friend hit high revenue targets flips a switch in your brain
  • Stronger together: help each other sell clients with different specialties & portfolios, collaborate on projects
  • Will be helpful in many unexpected ways
  • Share VFX resources (save serious money, discover new tools)
  • Receive referrals, etc

Take a peek inside


Overloading with projects


in the Mastermind

Renaissance VFX

Working with Trevor in the Mastermind

Lendon Bracewell


Hi, I’m Lendon. I currently live outside Atlanta, GA. I’m the founder of and


Video Copilot’s early tutorials kicked off my career (no surprise), worked for, I moved to LA, worked for big VFX studios, and eventually started that has been very successful.

Before all that my parents went though an big divorce when I was 16 and I started living on my own at that age (was eating oatmeal and didn’t have friends lol) and had to figure out how to make money with VFX. I never worked a local job and never went to public school.

I have extensive experience in Nuke, Adobe Suite, Cinema 4D, and have worked closely with specialist in every other VFX software like Houdini, Maya, Blender, etc


My goals are:

  1. Help artists and studios earn more
  2. Help people become happier and wiser with meditation
  3. Teach as many people as possible by growing YouTube and what not


For fun, I like to:

  1. Learn about the Buddha’s teaching
  2. Design & build software
  3. Have useful conversations with my friends & family
  4. Make friends with strangers


Home desk setup

Besi Zeka


For fun, Besi likes to:

  1. Travel
  2. Teach