Nuke Course

Concise Nuke Course For After Effects Users

Learning Nuke opens tons of job opportunities compared to After Effects.


  • Software Essentials
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Every Useful Node
  • 30 Street Smart Techniques
  • Tracking
  • Roto
  • Paint Outs
  • Keying
  • Color Matching
  • Beauty
  • 3D Scenes
  • Car Explosion & Realworld Shots
  • Step by step procedure to quickly apply for jobs & followup with decision makers
  • Collaborate with Lendon to build killer demoreel shots 
  • 100+ Professional Hollywood VFX Plates to use for demoreel
  • 50 demoreel references for inspiration (organized by complexity)
  • Demoreel template with music options
  • How to setup the perfect portfolio website

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  • How much can you make with Nuke Compositing?
  • Should you stick with After Effects?
  • What kind of clients are there for Nuke Artists?