Nuke Course

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1. master your Service

1. Service Options

Nuke CompositING

(opens tons of compositing job opportunities)

Why work at a studio?
Fat paycheck every single week (builds up fast)
Top-notch credits on your portfolio
Better industry connections

We especially made this course for people who are switching from After Effects

Super concise, showing everything you need to get a job ASAP, while creating portfolio shots:

Software Essentials, Keyboard Shortcuts, Every Useful Node, Street Smart Techniques

Tracking, Roto, Paint Outs, Keying, Matte Painting, Color Matching, Beauty, 3D Nodes


Commercial Motion Design

(After Effects & Unreal)

Unreal is a great choice because it opens up all 3 industries (film, commercial & gaming!)

It’s fun & efficient because everything renders REALTIME!

Freelance is easier as a motion designer compared to VFX for numerous reasons.

Producing full motion design commercials opens up big budget projects, which is easier than starting a VFX Studio (it doesn’t require on-set camera shoots)

We can also help you get hired at a video production company / marketing agency, animation studio or by a big brand.

2. Portfolio

  • Let’s build you a portfolio like

  • Collaborate with Lendon and other members to build demoreel shots quicker and better than you could do on your own

  • 50 Professional VFX & Motion Design project files to upgrade your demoreel

  • 50 demoreel references for inspiration (organized by complexity)

  • Other resources like a demoreel premiere template with music

3. Marketing

We have projects coming into WizardVFX and need your help!

Step by step procedure to quickly gather leads & bulk outreach / followup with decision makers to stand out (made 10x more efficient by our CRM software)

Or hire my virtual assistant to do it for you.

Lendon will give you a referral to a VFX studio (other community members will often hire eachother)

Cold call training

Linkedin & Marketplace game

Nuke Job, 2D & 3D Commerical gigs, Agency or Animation Studio job, Freelance Independent Films, Music Videos, or high-end youtubers


4. Unfair A.i workflow

  • Showing off creative ways to use A.I tools will blow your clients socks off to stand out above the competition
  • Before these tools are widely adopted, you can get ahead of the curve and use them as an unfair advantage
  • With all the noise of A.I, learn to apply it to your VFX/Motion Design workflow
  • Get a video summary of every unbelievable video & visual AI tool out there right now in context of a VFX/Mograph workflow
  • Clear instructions for how to setup any tool

What Members are saying

"I would have paid more for everything I've gotten from this mastermind."
Anthony Morrow
Studio Owner
"Lendon helped get high-budget virtual production work for Nordic Track. He has a good reach of clients."
Mark Lavania
Virtual Production
"Lendon is the best compositor I have ever met."
Leo Marini
Studio Owner
"Investing in Lendon's courses was a no brainer."
"I couldn't have found this information anywhere else."
Studio owner

Lendon offers one free Breakthrough Meeting

  • How much money can you make in different market niches
  • After Effects vs. Nuke
  • Blender vs. C4D vs Houdini
  • Feedback on your portfolio
  • Is A.I something I should focus on yet?

Simple tool to run VFX studio operations

VFX Pipeline


Auto-sync renders
Draw on renders to give revisions

Tracking & Deadline

Arrange tasks & milestones on calendar
Artist assignments
Shot status
Progress report

Profit Margin Control

Calculate payroll expense for each project & artist
Calculate profit margins & remaining budget timeline
Measure of productivity to find payroll waste


Roster of all freelancers with image & info
Record interview & assign skill levels
Call them directly from Production Flow

Sales Pipeline

Track Leads

Contact list of all clients & prospects (tag & organize)
Notes, pipeline stage & communication history
Call, email or text directly inside Production Flow
Gmail integration

Bulk email / SMS

Use tags like %FIRSTNAME%
Segment & exclude contacts

Chat GPT Draft Emails

Automated email drafts to increase follow-up efficiency
Email templates
Email sequence from our customized email templates


Schedule and track outreach/followup volume
Don't forget to followup with a client