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Fire Simulation Pack

What you get:

✔ 4 Fire Simulation Styles
✔ Wide Fire Simulation
✔ Trapcode Particular Fire
✔ Tutorials


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Anthony Butler
via Facebook

Love the realistic fire effect, Highly recommend for anyone who needs fire effects. Excellent customer service. Thanks Visionary Fire.

Jeremy Stewart
via Facebook

Everything I needed. Lendon even helped me with some issues I had getting started. Will be using throughout my projects, thanks!

Merlijn van Ballegooijen
via Facebook

They look really good!

Justin Hodges
via Facebook

This Fire Simulation Pack was exactly what I needed and it's worth every penny! This saved me a ton of time on the project that I was working on and I will definitely be using it again in the future. Everything was organized really well and it was super easy to follow, even for a rookie like myself. I really appreciate your help!

Mike Dukes
via Facebook

I had a very specific need for a VFX shot and this pack was EXACTLY what I needed! If you are like me and like playing with fire, you owe it to yourself to get this pack.

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