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After Effects 3D Galaxy

✔ Three After Effects galaxy templates
✔ Templates use Trapcode Particular
✔ Galaxy Stock Footage
✔ 20 min screen share session where I will create your galaxy vision (Great news if you don't have trapcode particular)


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Dustin Williams
via Facebook

Just a beautiful addition for my website. The resource worked perfectly. Lendon was very professional/knowledgeable and helped to make my vision for the site a reality.

Thomas J. Haight Sr.
via Facebook

End result is terrific! Saved many, many hours and looks better than what I would have come up. However, project used Trapcode MIR which has now been replaced by MIR 3. Hope I translated the setting correctly. I had to do this manually.

Woody Yang
via Facebook

really nice,很棒!!希望能有更多好东西哦

Youit Jones
via Facebook

Beautiful aesthetic come in with perfect timing for an idea for a music video I'm shooting soon; I initially was going to grab some stock, but this asset is much more powerful and beautiful, and all around better - well worth the investment.

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