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Visionary Motion Fire

What you get:

✔ 17 Motion Fire Elements
✔ How to use elements
✔ Fire compositing tutorial

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Kévin Curpen
via Facebook

Friday at 07:02 AM
Really good and the tutorials are pretty clear ! You can also ask help if you cannot use it !

Stuart Scoon
via Facebook

Nov 24, 2019 (4:21 PM)
I am unable do download your "How to use elements" and "Fire compositing tutorial". Can you assist me?

নোমান ভাই
via Facebook

Oct 16, 2019 (7:08 AM)
simply WOW!!

Deej Headbad
via Facebook

Aug 31, 2019 (10:05 PM)
Thanks to your quick support actually am a new video and filmmaker and everything from visionary fire has been of success to me and i hope to make a tutorial thanking you who made it possible and easier

Денис Мечтает
via Facebook

Jun 04, 2019 (12:39 PM)
in Russia there is no possibility to download, what to do?
Visionary Fire
June 5, 2019
Send me a Facebook message and we'll get you setup! (FB link at bottom of website)

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